When it comes to Dental Insurance, I don’t need much.

With the FLOSS Dental Plan, I can get a cleaning for only $70.00. Then in the event of an unplanned dental expense, I have 25% discounts on a wide array of services ready for use. Simple, affordable, and easy to use. What’s not to like?

A plan that works for my whole family!

Finally, a perfect plan for parents and children. We started out by bringing our children in for a FREE comprehensive oral exam and cleanings for just $35.00 each. On top of that, they got a topical fluoride treatment for $25.00. With similar discounts for us, the plan helps make good oral health a family tradition!

A plan with Real Discounts!

On a tight budget, discounts are very important. With the FLOSS Dental Plan, we get 25% off on all dental services not included on the summary of discounts. This plan is convenient for us, since we can use it as often as we like or just for cleanings and exams. An easy, smart choice for our dental needs.

Summary of Discounts

Diagnostics & Preventative You Pay
Full Mouth digital x-rays No Charge
Single Film No Charge
Each additional film No Charge
Comprehensive Oral Evaluation No Charge
Limited Oral Evaluation No Charge
Panoramic Radiographic Image $60.00
Prophylaxis – Adult $70.00
Prophylaxis – Child $35.00
Sealants per tooth $40.00
Fluoride Varnish $25.00
Composite Restorations You Pay
Anterior- One Tooth Surface $100.00
Anterior- Two Tooth Surfaces $130.00
Posterior- One Tooth Surface $120.00
Posterior- Two Tooth Surfaces $150.00
Periodontics You Pay
Scaling & Root Planning (four or more teeth per quad) $150.00
Full Mouth Debridement $140.00
Periodontal Maintenance $100.00
Endodontics You Pay
Therapeutic Pulpotomy $150.00
Anterior Root Canal $600.00
Bicuspid Root Canal $650.00
Molar Root Canal $800.00
Oral Surgery You Pay
Simple Extraction $125.00
Removal of Erupted Tooth $200.00
Removal of Impacted- Soft Tissue $225.00
Removal of Impacted- Partially Bony $300.00
Removal of Impacted- Completely Bony $360.00

Crown You Pay
Porcelain Crown $900.00
Core Buildup No Charge
Total Includes Buildup $900.00
Bridge You Pay
Total for 3 unit Bridge $2,500.00
Total for 4 unit Bridge $3,200.00
Total for 5 unit Bridge $3,900.00
Buildup No Charge
Denture You Pay
Complete Upper $1,500.00
Complete Lower $1,500.00
Complete Reline Upper $350.00
Complete Reline Lower $350.00
Partial You Pay
Upper Partial-Resin Based $1,000.00
Lower Partial Resin-Based $1,000.00
Maxillary Partial-Cast Metal $1,500.00
Mandibular Partial-Case Metal $1,500.00
Implant You Pay
Surgical Placement of Implant $1,750.00
Implant Crown-Porcelain $1,250.00
Bone Replacement Graft $500.00
Total for Implant $3,500.00
Miscellaneous/ Other Services You Pay
Nitrous Oxide $35.00
Occlusal Guard $500.00
Invisalign $4,800.00

For a complete summary of your discounts please click here.